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It is known that a high level of estrogen in the male body leads to the occurrence of side effects. Learn about the use of Anti Estrogens on a course of steroids.

All athletes know that estrogens (female hormones) in small quantities are always present in the male body. However, a significant increase in their level leads to the development of such a side effect as gynecomastia (abnormally rapid growth of breast tissue in men). To combat this unpleasant effect, as well as to accelerate the synthesis of the natural male hormone, anti-estrogens are used on the course of steroids. The most popular among athletes are clomid and citadren. Thanks to these drugs, puffiness is reduced, and the risks of other side effects associated with the use of AAS are reduced.

These drugs are widely used in traditional medicine, but we are interested in their use in sports. In total, two groups of anti-estrogens have been created: receptor blockers and aromatase inhibitors. This article will be devoted to them.

Estrogens and Anti Estrogens

Accepted all the hormones that have the characteristics of testosterone are referred to as androgens, hence all AAS are also androgenic drugs. In the case of female hormones, the situation is similar and all hormones similar to estradiol (the main female hormone) are usually referred to as estrogens. The most active and powerful natural estrogens are estradiol and estrone.

These hormones have the same similarities with each other as the substances of the androgen group. The most powerful estrogen is estradiol, having the strongest effect on a milligram. It can be formed from a male hormone under the influence of an aromatase enzyme or from estrone, when exposed to a special enzyme.

When using anabolics and without taking measures to reduce the level of estrogen, the athlete can develop gynecomastia, the body retains excess fluid and suppresses the production of a natural male hormone. Also, with a large content of estrogen in the male body, the fat burning processes are difficult, which can lead to the distribution of fats by the female type.

It should be noted that estradiol has carcinogenic metabolites that can cause liver disease called cholestatic hepatitis. In rare cases, it can develop with the use of steroids and contrary to popular belief, its cause is precisely the high level of estrogen metabolites, and not the androgens.

Often, athletes in the initial phase of taking steroids may feel unwell at high doses of the male hormone. This is possible if you do not use anti-estrogens on the course of steroids. That’s why it is recommended to start using AAS from small doses, gradually increasing them.

Aromatizing AAS and Anti Estrogens

Many athletes are sure that they know all the aromatizing anabolic drugs, but sometimes they are mistaken. This is due to the fact that progestagen activity (progesterone is also a female hormone) can be very easily taken for estrogenic. Both hormones can cause gynecomastia and swelling.

It’s safe to say that steroids that affect only estrogen receptors, but also progestogen, are taken for flavoring. It should be noted that androgens are not able to convert to progestogen, but can themselves act on receptors. The most powerful properties of the progestogen are nandrolone.

This is a very important fact for athletes, since at acceptable dosages the deck is able to reduce the level of estrogens, reducing the rate of synthesis of natural testosterone, and aromatase is not able to connect with the molecules of the male hormone. However, due to the individual characteristics of the body of athletes, the deck is also capable of causing gynecomastia. At a certain level, progesterone helps to increase libido in women, but when a certain number is exceeded, the effect turns out to be directly opposite. Also, progesterone can reduce libido in men, but the individuality of the organism also plays a big role here.

The process of aromatization is heavily influenced by dianabol, boldenone, testosterone and halotestin. It should be noted that the latter is used most often in small doses and does not present difficulties from the point of view of aromatization.

Anti Estrogens, aromatase inhibitors

The most popular among athletes, the aromatase inhibitor is citadren. In addition, this drug has the ability to inhibit and enzyme desmolase, which accelerates the synthesis of cortisol. In this regard, it should be noted that not always the suppression of cortisol synthesis is useful. But citadren is taken in small dosages and does not practically influence the production of cortisol.

The average dose of citadrene is about 250 milligrams per day. The agent is excreted from the body within 8 hours and the dose is better divided into several receptions. The optimal scheme of taking the drug is half a tablet in the morning and a quarter of every six hours. It should be noted that citadren has some side effects.

The second, also very popular inhibitor – anastrozole, does not have a negative effect on the body, but it costs significantly more. An adequate dosage of anastrozole is 1 milligram per day. Sometimes half of the pill is enough, but it depends on the individual characteristics of the body.

Antiestrogens-blockers of estrogen receptors

The most popular drugs of this group of anti-estrogens on the course of steroids are tamoxifen and clomid. If the AAS course uses high dosages of anabolic drugs, then it is not possible to stimulate LH synthesis. But when the androgen level declines, the clomid is used in an amount of 50 milligrams with a low level of female hormones and 100 milligrams when the estrogen content is high. It is clomid most often used by athletes when using steroids.

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