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As is known to all athletes, coaches, athletes and others who are engaged in physical culture and decided to connect their lives with such a useful, healthy and promising occupation as sports, sports performances and competitions, all the anabolic and other drugs used can be divided into two types. One of the above two types, on which we decided to break up conditionally speaking, all known drugs and drugs from sports pharmacology that athletes use are the most common steroids in tablets that are taken orally and are absorbed inside the body, absorbed through the mucous membranes of internal organs – such , for example, as the stomach, intestines and other types of internal organs that have a mucosa, through which oral steroid preparations can be absorbed from the first o of two kinds, on which we decided to conditionally share all those drugs and substances that athletes take and use. The second type is injectable steroids, which are injected into the bloodstream using a syringe and a needle.

For none of the experienced trainers working in any sports field and facing the use of all sorts of different steroid drugs, it is a secret that it is obvious to the majority of both experienced and beginning athletes today that injecting steroids are absorbed by the body much more quickly and, accordingly, they quickly begin to exert their primary effect on the internal systems of the human body. At the same time, the same steroids in tablets require an order of magnitude more time to get into the bloodstream and begin to have the same primary effect. This is one of the most crucial points that should be considered when choosing injectable steroids or steroids in the form of pills. The main thing here is to consult with a professional to choose the right option for yourself.

Feature of injectable anabolic

In the case of injection drugs, so-called esterification is performed – the hormone is converted into an organic acid ester. Dissolved in the oil ether is injected intramuscularly, the drug passes through the liver, and then enters the blood. This process occurs at different rates. Esterification can significantly increase the half-life of testosterone, which makes injecting drugs more convenient to use.

The half-life time depends on the number of carbon atoms in the resulting ether. For example, for the course of Testosterone Propionate this period is 1-2 days, for Testosterone Acetate – 18 hours. The effectiveness of these steroids is the same, differing only in the half-life. The injections are done at a lower frequency than when taking the pills.

Which steroids to choose: in tablets or in injections?

Beginners usually try to use only anabolics in tablets, rather than injections, avoiding injections for various reasons – to be afraid of painful injections, do not want to give injections because of the inconvenience of the application (there is no one to put the injections, and he does not know how), or is experiencing on possible reactions in the form of the appearance of swelling, cones, abscesses, etc.

But over time, when the objectives of the courses increase, it becomes necessary to use combined courses that combine both steroids in tablets and steroids in injections. It must also be taken into account that many highly effective, indispensable drugs with a high anabolic index in tablets simply do not exist. This, for example, Trenbolon, Boldenon, Nandrolone.

Among other things, anabolic steroids in injections do not have toxic effects on the liver and are safer than the drugs produced in tablets.

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